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Monday, 22nd March 2004

Update 1.2 to KnightShift!

TopWare Interactive makes a further update to their hit title KnightShift available. With 120 new weapons and other pieces of equipment and 10 new adversaries, which can be met from level 30 upwards, to enhance the already extensive role-playing part of the game. To quote Alexandra Constandache, CEO of TopWare, “The fan community wanted more of a challenge for the advanced players, and this is a request that we are more than happy to fulfill.”

The update is ready for download immediately and there are two variations:
- Update from Version 1.1 auf 1.2 (7MB) - all language versions
- Update from Version 1.0 auf 1.2 (25 MB) - all language versions

Thursday, 18th December 2003

KnightShift Update v1.1 released!

Players can now not only save multiplayer sessions, but also join in a current and running multiplayer game. This revolutionary extension of the multiplayer mode originates out of the development of Earth 2160, the next project from Reality Pump. Also on offer is a package of four new exciting maps for RPG and Skirmish, which improve the depth of gameplay and gives more room in a session for players. This update is available in English, Russian, Polish and Czech .
Here are some of the improvments:

New features:
- It is now possible to join currently running RPG sessions
- Each character of a player in an RPG game has his own magic chest located near his or her starting point. This chest can be used to store their equipment. Chests with equipment can be transported from one game to another.
- Password protected channels have been added to the EarthNet
- Player's character symbol has a different color on the mini map. It is now a yellow circle with a cross.
- 4 new RPG maps

Rebalancing in RPG mode:
- Hunter is much stronger and faster.
- Spearman is stronger
- Barbarian is weaker in higher levels
- Knight is weaker in higher levels
- Levels above level 50 require much more experience than before.
- Spells are restricted to experience levels. It is not possible for low-level characters to learn advanced spells.
- Freeze spells does not work on player characters

Fixed bugs:
- Items can not be duplicated by disconnect from the game.
- Ignore now works if someone is chatting from the Game to Lobby and from the Lobby to Game.
- Fixed messages in EarthNet while entering games and channels

To the download

Friday, 10th October 2003

KnightShift language mod released!

The Installation of this MOD replaces the German language edition with the English (UK publication)
Also allowing a choice between English or German subtitles. It will also upgrade the U.S. "Once upon a Knight" version with dialogs for RPG. It also update version 1.00 to version 1.01, which supports OGG audio compression. Version 1.01 is fully compatible with the 1.00 version in all multiplayer matches.
NOTE: the OGG audio compression technology used by this KnightShift MOD has been included for research purposes. This technology will be used in Earth 2160, the next big, smash episode in Reality Pump's hit series.

The installation of this MOD can be reversed by making the appropriate selection. This undo option requires approximately 110 MB free disk space for a back up of previous files.

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Friday, 09th October 2003

KnightShift serial number shop online !
Based on the many requests we make the serial number shop public today!
There you could order additional serial numbers for a special price!
Just click on 'Shop' in the left menu!

Friday, 22nd September 2003

Demo now available!
Check our download page

Friday, 19th September 2003

KnightShift, the German version is due to be released on the 29th of September.
And there is no fixed date yet for the full English version. Patience please, readers of this page will be the first to know when. Serious negotiations are being concluded for KnightShift in the Benelux countries and there are ideas pure for the rest of the world!

Friday, 22th August 2003
The Newest from TopWare Interactive

As the Games Convention is on top of us, the timing could not be better for TopWare to make their multi announcement
The launch of KnightShift in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be supported by a marketing budget of 500.000 Euro to help put this extraordinary RTS/RPG hybrid onto as many PC's as possible in all its unique glory. But that is not all, KnightShift is also to appear in the Czech Republic and Slovakia under full localization and published by HYPE.

Dynamic HU are to release KS in a land hungry for top titles and in England, Virtual Programming have agreed with Reality Pump Studios and Zuxxez to make KnightShift available for Mac users

See KnightShift at the Games Convention in Leipzig in hall 3 Stand D02. Was anyone already at the GC? Write to me with your impressions, ideas and perhaps a story or two of all the annoying bits of crap.

Outside of Europe the big news is that ATARI will publish KnightShift in North America and Canada very soon, which means for us re-lacing the running shoes and giving up the weekend to the bl…. Computer.

Enjoy yours and come back for more.

Friday, 18th July 2003

Beta Tests. On the first day online with our data bank we received over 1000 applications. Now, one week later we have almost 3500.

Thursday, 10th July 2003

TopWare Interactive is happy to make public!

New screen shots from KnightShift´s RPG Chapter 2 - 3. Showing the band new Crystal Pictures Interface and mystic night action. For more look at the screenshot page

Beta Tests Starting Soon

TopWare is open for requests from experienced gamers, who would like to participate in beta testing for KnightShift.

Applications can be made now on a secure website and will take about ten days to process. The skills of many are needed to check a huge amount of material.
Apply online at .

Friday, 23th May 2003

Hello one and all, and welcome to the weekend. My job today is easy because what has to be said this week is done by the press. Allow me to explain please.

Last week we sent out press previews of our "Competition killer", KnightShift to all the people all over the world who have something to say on websites and print media dealing with games and software in general. So, what do does the press say?.. I have chosen some quotes which I would like to pass on to you. For the full reports just follow the links.

• Starting with The Adrenaline Vault; "Knight Shift is unique", " Glib comparisons can't do justice to Knight Shift's comic uniqueness". >>

• Xabregamers says; "Wow" and "It certainly is a title all RPG or RTS fans should look out for. With its style, awesome graphics and concept, we believe KnightShift should become a strong reference." >>

Just RPG also had a nice time playing and said, "KnightShift is a game to impress you with its graphics engine and thrill you with its light hearted and humorous medieval story"

"KnightShift will definitely be the game worth buying!". >>

WorthPlaying: "What this engine shows you today has not been seen before in a game - only in some graphic benchmarks and demos. The unique combination of RTS and RPG elements in the SP campaigns, the hardcore gamer dedicated RPG mode for Single and Multiplayer matches and the unique humour of KnightShift brings real innovation into today's gaming world."

DUGA writes; "Excellent gameplay and an addictive RPG mode combined with beautiful graphics and amazing sound is what KnightShift stands for." "If you enjoyed playing the excellent Earth 2150, you're going to love the splendid KnightShift." >>

For German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Czech and more press previews please see here. That is almost enough of polishing our own ego, but what would this page be without my own comment to the Ladies and Gentlemen of the press. Some may find it a bit conceited and they may well be right. Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thank you for your comments and previews on KS, we are very pleased that you liked it. You are all absolutely right in your evaluation of our game and must be admired for your infinite wisdom and impeccable good taste.

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